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The Hybrid Heatpump Upgrade

This system uses parts of your current system and adds more capability to a standard heatpump set-up. It saves money and energy

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We are an HVAC service company serving the Chattanooga Tennessee surrounding area.

We are the best value not only because we have the most reasonable rates but also for what you get for your money.

Condensor Inspection

A dirty coil seriously degrades the performance of your AC system. No matter what it looks like from the outside, the shroud has to come off to see if the coil needs cleaning. The inside coil is even more important.

If your condenser has an ECM motor, I recommend a surge protector to extend its life. These motors can be outrageous to replace and are not always available even under warranty. A simple fuse can save them.
We can do this preventive maintenance service for as low as $75

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Service Package 2

Sometimes we need to troubleshoot to find why the system is not operating properly.  There will be a service charge and diagnosis fee. This will be the oly charge if the recommended service is not acceptable at this time. If authorized to proceed, a faulty component will normally be on the van.
These types of repairs are often as low as $120 total.

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Replace Your Refrigerant

We are currently running a special to replace R22 with environmentally friendly R407c.  This service is to insure that refrigerant is available at a reasonable price for the lifetime of your equipment. No matter how old your system is, don’t let it become obsolete and have to be replaced just because of a refrigerant leak. The special is $300. The current date is 4/12/2015 and this offer will expire on may 25, 2015.

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Tip no. 1

This is a capacitor and it is easy to change out. In the hot days of summer, capacitors fail left and right. I always try to get the ones that are made in Mexico. They have the true recipe from IBM. A defector went to China with only part of the formula. Capacitors made in China are really bad. I have some made in the good old USA and they still work after 30 years. They are much larger.

One can easily diagnose a blown capacitor when it balloons out on top or bottom. Just kill the power and replace it with another with the same specifications. Other times I have to have an electric meter that reads microfarads. I have seen unscrupulous companies condemn equipment just because the capacitor was blown. 

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Clean Those Filters

When your filter is dirty, the airflow is restricted. Dirty passes through and collects on the coil. The diminished airflow can result in frost building up on the inside coil, further restricting the air flow. As the air slows down, the frost can turn into ice. 

    If your air is restricted due to what may be ice on the coil, turn the mode selection to off. Turn the fan switch to on.  Get an idea of the airflow and go shopping where it is cool. When  you come back, see if the airflow has returned to normal. This means that there was ice and it has now melted. Return the mode switch to col and check it again in the morning.  There should be no frost on the big copper tube from the compressor.

Tip No. 3

You don’t want to try and troubleshoot the wiring on an AC system unless you have the training and experience.  On a package unit like this, you don’t even have to be home for me to find and fix the problem.  I can make a diagnosis in about 15 minutes usually.  15 years of experience means no guesswork.