What if I see ice on my coils?

200_200_Washable_13If you change your filter regularly, you can go for years without a service call.  This doesn’t mean that your system continues to operate at an optimal level.  An appointment with an HVAC service company like us, will pay for itself in the form of savings on utilities, increased comfort and extended equipment life.

In the above picture, the caption should read : Wash each month .  Replace in 5 years. Make sure it doesn’t restrict the airflow.

I have been on many service calls when the filter has not been changed or cleaned for 5 years.  In this case, a service call is needed because the performance was impaired to the point where it was finally noticed. Sometimes when they have finally noticed the poor air flow, I can just tell them on the phone to change the filter and turn the cooling off.  This may be the last thing that they want to hear on a hot day. The purpose is to establish good airflow to melt the ice that has developed on the inside coil.  If they are lucky, turning the fan switch on the thermostat from ‘auto’ to ‘on’ with the cooling compressor off will start the coil to thaw. That way, when I get there, I can start to work trouble shooting without having to spend an hour cleaning ice from the coil.

froze up from bad defrost thermostatbad defrost thermostat

Early in the morning i arrived on a service call to find this heat pump frozen solid.  By the time the sun came out, I had found the bad defrost thermostat and thawed the coil with a water hose.  This was a $225 service call.

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