Before You Call (low air flow)

Change your filter before you call for service

Dirty air filter

I know that you would never let your air filter get this dirty. Some people in the Chattanooga and North Georgia area think that their landlord is responsible for changing the filter.  Some landlords never tell the tenant that they are responsible for changing the filter. I have been so busy before that my filter got this dirty. You know ‘the mechanics car is junk and the carpenter’s house is falling down’ kind of thing.

Here’s what happens. When the airflow is restricted by a dirty filter, it doesn’t work the way that its supposed to. I would like for you to hire us to clean your inside coils. You can’t see the inside coils without taking the covers off. Chances are if they haven’t been cleaned, the airflow will be restricted to some degree from the dirt that gets through the filter.  When the coils are clean and the filter is new, get an idea of proper air flow. Take a ribbon or piece of plastic wrap and see how far it blows before it bends. In this way you will know if there is a problem related to improper airflow. It could save you a service call.


froze up from bad defrost thermostat

frozen outdoor coil

This picture is of an outdoor coil frozen up because of a bad defrost thermostat. This is a heat pump and the outdoor coil will never freeze up like this in the cooling mode.  It does illustrate how a coil can freeze up.  The inside coil is hidden so it is hard to get a good picture. That is why it will help you to know if your airflow is restricted before the inside coil freezes up to the degree that this outdoor coil is.

If you notice that your airflow is not what it should be, check your filter. If it is dirty enough to restrict the airflow, replace it and turn the thermostat to off.  Turn the fan switch on and give it time to thaw out. This type of frost on inside coils can also be caused by setting the cooling setpoint too low. Some people will turn a thermostat down to 55 if they get hot.  The unit will run until it freezes up because it can never reach 55.  When the airflow returns to normal, turn the air conditioner back on and set it no lower than 68. It may be better to let the fan run with the thermostat turned off overnight and turn it back to cool in the morning.